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Myths vs. Facts: 4 Things to Know About Exercising While Sick

It's Fall, and you've done a superb job of sticking to your fitness resolutions. But with the kids back in school, cold and flu season is just around the corner. What if you get a nasty cold? Should you stop exercising? To help clear up some misconceptions, here are some myths versus facts.

1. "It's okay to workout with a cold."

FACT: But depending on the severity of the cold. If you have a few sniffles and feel relatively fine after taking some medication, you are probably okay to do some moderate exercise.

2. "Working out can speed up recovery."

MYTH: Research shows that regular exercise can improve your immune system and help fight off illness. But, exercising while sick won't have much impact on your immune system.

3. "Getting sick will set me back!"

MYTH: Unless you have mononucleosis or some other persistent illness, it is unlikely that you will lose all your hard earned progress by taking a week or two off. In fact, you might find that your performance is better after the break.

4. "Intense workouts can prolong my recovery."

FACT: If you're feeling restless and need to exercise, it is important to not push yourself too hard. When you're sick, the stress hormones produced by regular exercise can push your body past its breaking point.

To be able to get back to your routine, hydration and rest are extremely important. Slowly work your way back and don't forget to clean your gym equipment when you get back to the gym to avoid the spread of pesky germs.

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