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How to Prevent Injuries As You Age

The aging process can be difficult for those who have always lived active lifestyles. Due to changes in muscle mass, bone density, metabolism and hormones, the body loses some of its resilience over time. To accommodate these changes and avoid injuries as you exercise, here are a few smart tips:

Get Regular Checkups with Your Doctor

Even if you feel fine and consider yourself young and healthy, with regular checkups you can keep a close watch on any potential health issues that run in your family.

Add Variety to Your Workouts

As you get older, it becomes more important to switch things up. That is because as we age, our body is more like to get injured when we do repetitive motions and overwork certain areas.

Focus on Bone Health

Getting regular exercise is important for not just maintaining bone density and preventing osteoporosis but it can also help those who already have osteoporosis. Add in weight bearing exercises such as hiking, lifting weights or climbing stairs to your fitness regimen.

Improve Your Balance and Flexibility

When we get older, some individuals experience a loss of balance and flexibility due to changes in their bodies. Having poor balance can lead to falls and poor flexibility to injury during exercise.

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